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Bing Ramones, Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program Client

“I had difficulty paying for my utility bills during the period of my unemployment. However, through Hanul’s application assistance with Low-Income Home energy Assistance Program, I have managed to pay for my electricity and gas bills without having to worry about disconnection during the harsh winter time.” 

Provide families with individualized support services to help meet the needs of a family that is experiencing financial struggles and challenges with sustaining a healthy family


Since 2009, Hanul has been a member of Energy Action Network, which brings together community organizations, utility companies and not-for-profit groups who are committed to creating energy efficient communities throughout Chicago. The agency has expanded winter heating assistance services in neighborhoods and encourage residents to save money year-round through energy efficiency measures and programs such as:

Low-Income Home Energy Assistance, Percentage of Income Payment Plan, Weatherization Program, ComEd Hardship Program, Peoples Gas Heartship Program, Share the Warmth Program, etc. 

In order to provide resources in energy conservation and transform our community into a greener environment, Hanul has created a green curriculum that is culturally and linguistically appropriate for our Korean seniors. This curriculum is begin used in our Green Senior Club, which trains our seniors “Go Green”.



Funded by the United Way, the program aims to help newly arrived low-income Korean immigrants residing in the Metropolitan Chicago area achieve financial stability and self-sufficiency by providing financial literacy classes and financial coaching. Participants attend six-week Financial Literacy Class, which is led and taught by Hanul staff and volunteer professionals. Topics include: Understanding US Banking System, Saving and Budgeting, How to Build your Credit, Home Ownership, etc. Upon successful completion of the six-week course, participants are awarded with incentives to continue to save.


Hanul began holding college preparatory sessions to help our youth and their parents obtain comprehensive information about the college entrance process. In October 2011, the agency held its first Chicagoland Asian College Fair sponsored by the McDonald’s to motivate and encourage students and their families to pursue their education and career goals through keynote speeches, meeting with admission representatives, and giving them exposure to various career paths through career exploration workshop. Free SAT mock tests, financial assistance education, and individual counseling sessions have also been provided for the participating students and parents.


For any high school students that are seeking opportunities to complete their community service hours are welcomed at Hanul. Students can provide their volunteer services either at the Chicago or Suburban Office. For more information, please check out our volunteer page.


Hanul Family Alliance is working on a project called “Ellie’s Project” together with an anonymous donor to give encouragement to children with long-term illnesses through Ellie’s Project.

The goals of Ellie’s Projects are to give encouragement and happiness to children who have been fighting with diseases for long periods of time, and to inspire interest in children who have been exhausted over fighting. 

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volunteerHomeVolunteers are precious assets to Hanul as they can help our staff to accelerate the office work and/or direct services to our clients. 

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