2018 Annual Writing Campaign

Click here to download our 2018 Letter.  Join the Campaign ! 

Click here to download our 2018 Letter. Join the Campaign


Because of your support...

Hanul Family Alliance survived the state’s longest budget impasse in two years and can continue to thrive as a provider of supportive social services for children, minorities, seniors, and low income families in an ever-changing Korean-American community.  

Hanul Family Alliance was able to do the following because of your previous support:

  • Avoid the loss of our Home Care and Congregate Meal program. Hanul recently launched private home care and catering services for people willing and able to pay for our specialized services. Revenues earned from these programs ensures Hanul can provide services for low-income families even during difficult times. Revenues from the fee-for-services is anticipated to grow higher this fiscal year and with your continued support Hanul can further expand its reach into the community.
  • Change our operational model to work more innovatively. By maximizing what Hanul excels in and by thinking more creatively, we increased the number of clients served by 10% and hit the highest number of service units in the past 31 years for our home care program. 
  • Start new initiatives and programs with the partnership from volunteers, local churches, business communities and other partner organizations. Korea Food Basket Program, Lake Lunch Program, Power of Attorney Campaign and Memory Health Initiatives are all new programs that launched as the result of fostering new collaborations.


We are so grateful for your continued support. Please use the attached pledge card to submit your donation or visit our website (www.hanulusa.org) to donate online.Our deepest gratitude for building an organization that our seniors and their families can count on.