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Elderly Crime Victim Assistance Program

Older adults are often targeted as victims of crime. In an effort to protect Korean older adults, Hanul Family Alliance is an effective advocate for limited-English-speaking (LEP) Korean victims, survivors, witnesses, and their families by providing culturally and linguistically appropriate, individualized victim assistance.


The program also helps provide education, including protective techniques and prevention methods. Older adults are referred to the appropriate legal avenue if they are victimized. 

Focusing on elder abuse and the Attorney General’s Victim Assistance Program, we work to prevent:


  • Medicare Fraud

  • Elder Abuse

  • Hate Crimes

  • Assault

  • Financial Abuse


We assist with filing police reports and help find subsidized and/or senior housing. Additionally, we provide support in signing up for public benefits, determining eligibility, and applying for SNAP.


We strive to resolve issues and, if they involve financial abuse or power of attorney concerns, we refer cases to the HANA Center for litigation if desired. For cases specifically involving domestic abuse, we refer clients to KAN-WIN.

We are funded by the IL Attorney General’s Victim Assistance Program (VCVA).


For more information, please contact:

Yena Roberts, 예나 로버츠

Social Services Coordinator

773-478-8851 ext. 109

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