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The Hanul congregate meal program provides daily nutritious hot Korean meals Monday through Friday. Anyone whose age is 60 and over, who is disabled, and their caregivers can enjoy the program with a nominal suggested donation. The program is funded by the Chicago Department of Family and Support Services-Senior Service and AgeOptions under Older American Acts III-C. 


Senior Meal Program

On August 1, 2000, HFA launched its first congregate meal service in an effort to relieve hunger, provide nutritional needs, and offer socio-cultural support for Chicago’s Korean seniors. Through the lunch program, HFA helps seniors overcome alienation by providing opportunities to find social support, camaraderie, and a deeper sense of community.  

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Home Meal Delivery


Nutritious Korean meals are delivered to homebound seniors who are unable to prepare meals on their own. In order to qualify, you must be aged 60 and older and your needs must be assessed by the local Care Coordination Units (CCUs). 

To apply to the program as a senior client, please call us at (773) 478–8851.



In order to promote quality of life, a sense of autonomy, and self-sufficiency for our low-income and limited English-proficient Korean and other immigrant seniors and disabled, culturally and linguistically appropriate services are provided by bilingual staff by assisting clients with every step from resource gathering to the application process. The program is funded by TCLIP through AgeOptions under Older American Acts III-B, IFRP through ICIRR under IDHS Immigration Service Line Items, and SHIP through Illinois Department on Aging.

Hanul provides culturally and linguistically appropriate benefit application assistance and case management services to clients, assisting them at every step from resource gathering to the application process.  The program is funded by TCLIP through AgeOptions under Older American Acts III-B, IFRP through ICIRR under IDHS Immigration Service Line Items, and SHIP through Illinois Department on Aging.

Changes to medical benefits for immigrants effective on July 1st. Enroll NOW! 

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Federal and State Insurance Program

HFA serves pregnant women, children, and their parents by linking them to Illinois’ healthcare programs; Moms & Babies, All Kids, and Family Care, which provide comprehensive and affordable healthcare coverage for the under or uninsured children and their parents.


Application and primary care doctor selection assistance are provided at both Chicago and Suburban Offices.

Mother and Son

Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

Hanul serves over 3,000 low-income families each year to help pay for their light and gas bills as an energy intake site for the Community and Economic Development Association of Cook County (CEDA). Eligible seniors and low-income families of all backgrounds can receive application assistance during open enrollment period.

Open enrollment period is from September 1st to May 31st, or until funds run out. 


Click HERE to view this year’s program guidelines. Appointments are required. Please call our office locations to make an appointment for LIHEAP.

Application Assistance Services Include:

  • Benefit Access Program 

  • License Plate Discount for Low-Income Seniors

  • Senior Property Tax Exemption

  • Medicaid (Moms & Babies, All Kids,  and Medicaid, Medicare Prescription Part D, Social Security Retirement Benefits (SSA)

  • Government Subsidized  Senior Housing Applications

  • Seniors Ride Free Transit Benefit

  • Persons with Disabilities Free Transit Ride

  • Secretary of State License Plate Discount

  • SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or Food Stamp)

  • LIHEAP (Low-Income Heating and Energy Assistance Program)

  • referral services to external agencies and programs

  • Share the Warmth

  • ComEd Hardship

Call us today to make an appointment with one of our benefits specialists. 



The elderly are often targeted as easy victims of crime. In an effort to protect the Korean elderly, Hanul becomes an effective advocate for limited-English-speaking Korean victims, survivors, witnesses, and their families by providing culturally and linguistically appropriate individual victim assistance. The program also teaches Korean elderly protective techniques and preventative measures. The elderly are also informed about and referred to the appropriate legal system in the event they are victimized.


For more information, contact Yena Roberts at 773-478-8851 ext. 109 or

Medicare Fraud Prevention Guide (Korean)




HFA provides health seminars, group workshops, and screenings in order to promote the wellness of the medically disadvantaged in the Chicagoland area. Working in partnership with state and local health organizations and professionals, HFA educates youth, adults, and seniors on public health issues such as Hepatitis B, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, hypertension, and mental health issues in a culturally and linguistically appropriate way.


Every year, Hanul also provides free flu vaccines and shingles vaccines for Koreans and its neighboring residents.

Want to support our seniors?

Hanul’s Chicago and Mt. Prospect offices are always looking for volunteers to help with packing and/or delivering lunches to homebound seniors, document filing, and more. 

To sign up, click the button below.

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